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Design Thinking Workshop

UpGrad Xchange, 1st Floor, Commune Coworks, 139, First Cross Road, V Block, A Cross Road, Koramangala, Srirampuram, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru 560095 25 June, 2017 at 10:00 a.m., Bengaluru

The Design Thinking Workshop is a career development experience that enables aspirational working professionals, entrepreneurs and college students to differentiate themselves from the rest by becoming creative performers.
You will have the opportunity to pick up tangible skills, techniques and thinking patterns that you can apply on a daily basis to progress in your chosen career.
This is an immersive and hands-on workshop where we will go in-depth into each phase of the Design Thinking process by applying it to a business challenge.
Design Thinking is a structured approach to innovation and creative problem solving that is human-centric in nature. It has been successfully applied by business leaders like Steve Jobs, Indra Nooyi, David Kelley, etc. and is taught at reputed universities around the world like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, etc.
Our average rating for these workshops is 9/10 and one of our previous participants had this to say – “I For Indya’s Design Thinking Workshop is the most ecstatic experience I have had” – Akanksha.

The main outcome is to be able to apply unique innovation techniques and thought processes to advance your careers.
We will go through all 5 phases of the Design Thinking Process by applying it to a real business challenge.
1. Empathise
Understanding the aspirations of stakeholders through interviewing for insights and empathy mapping.
2. Define
Zeroing in on the specific problem by using the Problem Definition Toolkit and Reframing barriers to questions.
3. Ideate
Generating ideas that are both innovative and realistic by running a brainstorming session and learning how to combine ideas.
4. Prototype
Creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) through Paper Prototyping and Client Emotion Mapping.
5. Test
Upgrading the solution by gaining direct feedback from the client through Key Questions and Co Creation.
Event Benefits


a) Building strong relationships with all stakeholders
b) Synthesising insights from large amounts of information
c) Developing a system for innovation/idea-generation
d) Rapid prototyping
e) Implementing ideas swiftly


a) Being people centric
b) Embracing uncertainty
c) Creative confidence
d) Working backwards
e) Thinking in versions


We are always happy to connect with those who share our passion for fulfilling careers, Design Thinking and experiential learning.

About I For Indya

I For Indya designs and delivers experiences that enable aspirational individuals, teams and institutions to excel through innovation and creativity.
We focus on building essential innovation skills and unique thinking patterns to develop creative performers.
Since we believe completely in learning by doing, co-creation and having fun, all our experiences are challenge based, interactive and high energy!
The Design Thinking method we use is taught in most top class universities across the world and has been applied by business leaders such as Steve Jobs, Indra Nooyi and others to great effect.

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