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The Canvas Project

Online 12th - 18th June, 2017, Online

One can choose to design in any of the following two ways:
1. By using any design software, if designing on a computer and finally uploading it as a ‘jpeg’ file. (please use the A4 template provided in the Design Kit)
2. By drawing, sketching, painting, etc. on an A4 size plain paper which needs to be scanned and uploaded as a ‘jpeg’ file.

Official rules:
1. The uploaded design file should meet the following criteria in terms of format and size:
– The design file should have been created on the vertical rectangular template provided (A4 Size: Height 11.8’’ X Width 8.2’’)
– The design can be created on any software / physical paper, however, it needs to be uploaded as a ‘jpeg’ ONLY
– The size of the design file should not exceed 2MB
– The resolution of the design file should be 2048 X 1365 pixels
2. Be sure to insert any of the Skybags logos (as provided in the design kit) within your design.
3. Participants cannot use the designs provided within the Design Kit. They are only meant to inspire participants and are not to be used in the final design in any way or form.
4. All designs must be submitted on or before 18th June 2017, midnight.
5. Participants can send in multiple entries. However, no two entries submitted by a participant should be the same.
6. Voting will close on 18th June 2017, midnight. In order to compete, participants can invite their family, friends and relatives to vote them up.
7. Winning designs shall be selected on the basis of the level of creativity, the overall theme, the number of votes received AND the judges’ score, not necessarily in this order of preference.
8. The design may be used as an inspiration or an adaptation or in any other form on the final product. (The design team at Skybags may have to modify the design as per requirements.)

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